Our Family

Can be Benedict, or Pereira, or Benedict Pereira.

Between the mountains and valleys, a man of little prose and look lost in the horizon line found, not by chance, a girl with the blue eyes the color of the sky. Delicate, trained hands for art and for internal work. That meeting was already marked.

Family built with feet anchored on Earth, switching the time of rain and Sun, time of planting and harvesting. They had five children, lost two. Movement ... The family with many aggregates and the House that served as a landing site for those in need.

The wood came from afar, was joyful song when the fire took and estralava. The strong smell of firewood was as incense which purified them life. The furnace was used for the biscuit and sequilho, which were stored in bales whites on the Cabinet that served as a stock for family that arrived without warning, always welcome.

Everything was done in joint effort: the prepare the land, plowing with ox seal, planting, harvesting, the celebration party.

Again between the mountains and valleys, a gardener. The driver, curly black hair and staring on the road, stopped for a nod. Lady clara, with a blue dress with white daisies, small bag with a change of clothes to go to mass. That's how I entered the gardener and in his life. Another date that was already marked.

Can be Benedict, can be Par or Parker.

They got married and had eight children, 21 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Went to the Paraná grow coffee and after much work and children created, its roots invited return to mining. Again between the mountains and valleys, the parents received their children and grandchildren, those who actually never left there.

Today, among the mountains and valleys of Minas Gerais, the House is full. The eight children returned to write news stories.

An orchard, fish tanks, a good chicken coop, a beautiful fire, lots of fun in the kitchen and prose around the table. Everything is still made in joint effort: day of tamales, pizza night, beautiful bird photos, many cut, sewn and embroidered cloths, crumpled clay, painted frames, poems written, springs, rivers, houses being built and preserved many birthdays celebrated.

Between the mountains and valleys, the House has served as a landing now turn Inn ...

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