We seek to minimize our environmental and socio-cultural impacts, while we promote economic benefits for our community. We do this through various actions, such as:

  • Use of native vegetation
  • Plan to control the disposal of effluents
  • Support for local entrepreneurship
  • Respect for local communities
  • Reuse and recycling of materials, etc.

You, as a visitor, can also do its part.

• Avoid unnecessary use of water and chemicals, using for more than a day your bath towels and face.

• Connect the fan only when necessary.

• Collect all the waste that you produce and separate recyclables from organic debris.

• Use returnable bags of cloth or paper instead of plastic shopping bags.

• Dim the lights and turn off the environmental equipment when leaving.

• Close the tap while brushing your teeth. You can spend just two gallons of water instead of 60 with this practice.

• Do not remove plants, nor take "souvenirs" of the natural environment home. Let rocks, flowers, fruits and seeds where you found so that others can also enjoy them.

• Don't buy wild animals, prefer to admire them in their natural habitat.

• Help to educate other visitors, transmitting the principles of minimum impact whenever there is opportunity to disseminate this responsible attitude.

Source: Green Passport

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